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Women and housewives of our neighbourhood used to gather regularly to have a little chat or watch a daily soap. We made this fun activity take a productive turn. What grew from this was not just a business but in time, a sense of independence, mostly financial, for everyone working with us. We further aim to impact lives of many more, aim to employ the unprivileged sections of society, make them Atma-Nirbhar, all while you crunch on our tasty papads.

We had a humble beginning of selling papads door-to-door before reaching all the milestones that we are proud of. This keeps us steadfast on the path of adding value to the lives of our customers. This journey  has taught us invaluable lessons, one being- business is more than just an economic activity, more so when it is food- a nourisher, that goes straight to people’s hearts.

Our business that has grown big today with the help of many hands and minds, began with the vision of Rasika Ajit Mithe,  after whom R.A.M Papad is named. After trying her hand in a few other businesses, Rasika Ji knew this was her calling when her customers gave her the sweet accolade of " Papad-wali-Bai ." 

Starting with just one variety of papads, we have grown by mastering tens of varieties, many as per popular demand by our extremely supportive customers. We are trusted for our skill of innovating papads and bringing to the table the proud traditional papads with new tastes, ingredients  and variety. We fondly remember our salad days when the total production in each day was five kilograms which soon catapulted to five kilograms per person per day! As a result, though we were operating on a small scale, we reached our set milestones in just about six to eight months from which one can reckon the taste, quality and demand our papads receive.  Today, we sell many more snacks under the umbrella name of papads like mirgundas, kurdais, stuffed masala chillies and so on, all equally loved and sought after.

Every R.A.M papad that you savour is made with a lot of care and love as any other Indian food. We source ingredients directly from farmers at a fair price that undergo strict supervision of our team for quality checks. With semi-automatic machines to press most varieties of papads, or some handmade with love, they are then lined up for a good bask in the sun- a timeless classic method that makes them ready to be wrapped up to reach you. With all the ‘papad belna’ already done for you, all you need to do is fry and enjoy! Throughout this journey of each papad, our skilled personnel ensure the quality, hygiene and freshness.. We work with joy to fulfil the demand and love for our papads by filling every tummy that craves for them. 

Our focus on providing variety to suit the needs of our customers has led us to master a wide range of papads that even cater to customers who are fasting, for children, for the fitness-conscious and so many more.

Our future prospects include baking papads even in the off-season, i.e., the monsoon season without relying solely on the sun but trying new technologies such as UV-rays or DeHydration process to dry the papads and various other products. We aim to be more inclusive by employing and training the people of unprivileged sections of society and making them self-sufficient. We aim to keep the tradition of papads thriving and contribute with our twist of innovation that appeals to the newer generations to eating tasty without compromising on eating healthy


  • Establishment of Concept Mid 2014
  • Incorporation of R.A.M. Papad Feb 2015
  • Started individually making and Local selling  from home in March 2015
  • Strength Increased to 3 in Oct 2015
  • Move business to separate rented space Nov 2016
  • First Semi Automatic Machine was established in Nov 2017
  • Move business to bigger space Jan 2018
  • The new Kurdai machine and mixing machine increased in Dec 2020
  • One More semi-automatic machine increased Feb 2021
  • Strength Increased to 10 in Oct 2022

Why us?

Supported by the professional workforce, we are able to present the best quality of papads. We have been assisted by the following to give the following assurance: 

  • Finest quality of products
  • Ethical business practices 
  • Customization Solutions
  • Wide distribution network 
  • Market Leading Prices 

Quality Assurance

To achieve maximum satisfaction from the customer's side we rigorously monitor the products while they are processing. Due to the strict quality control procedures, our clients can get an excellent taste of papad. Our offering products are easily accepted by clients for their hygiene packaging and longer shelf life. Moreover, we ensure that the products are delivered to the patron's favorite place on time with the right packaging. 


To pass on the love and blessings we have in the form of food recipes from our mothers and grandmothers to the coming generations with the aid of new technologies and lead the way to eating tasty without compromising on eating healthy.


Create innovative food recipes enjoyable by people of all generations while positively impacting the lives of everyone who make this possible to put forth by being a socially conscious business. 

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